Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My reactions to Not Martha

For the bloggers on blogging interview I read the one Megan Reardon answered about herself. She described how she uses blogging and what blogging means to her. I must say that my perspective on blogging is basically the same as Megan's. She uses it to blog about all sorts of things that interest her, and personally I think that is what blogging should be about. When she first started blogging she used it as a place to store her ideas about things she was interested in, and to take notes on things she had done in order to not forget them.

I think that that's what blogging is all about, a blog should be personal and all about what that one person is interested in. I see blogs as personal journals that people don't mind sharing with the world, because it gives them an opportunity to connect with people who have the same interests. 

A person who writes about something they have been told to write about, I don't think is a blogger. Blogging to me once again is something personal, that a person wants to share with other people. Megan also used blogging in order to meet new people, and she said she's met many people with the same interests as her. That is pretty awesome, seeing as she probably never would have met any of them if she didn't have her blog.

That is my own personal opinion about blogging!

Before i sign out... Here is the link to Megan Reardon's blog, it is actually pretty interesting, so check it out.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Totally new to this...

I'm blogging for the first time in my life...don't know exactly how this works. Completely new to this.